Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Catch Ups: Dresses

More catching up on things that I've sewn today. The first one is a little dress I made for Rachel's 2nd Birthday, back in June. I can't believe I haven't even blogged about her party, because it was a really cool party. Maybe I'll catch up on that soon too. 

Anyway, Rachel has heaps of clothes, and I'm always reluctant to make her more when she has so much, but it was her birthday, and I wanted her to have something special to wear. Even though it was winter, I made her this little sleeveless dress out of some cotton I had lying around. It has strawberry buttons and is lined with some fabric left over from my Block of the Month Quilt 2013 that was perfect for Rachel because it had little bees and ladybugs. She's really into the mini beasts that one.

On the day of the party, she wore it over a long sleeved shirt and pants, with a jacket, and now that it's getting hotter, she can wear it without. I like that it's a bit long lasting like that. Makes me feel less bad about making it. Also, it's her favourite dress, so if she can see it in the draw, guaranteed it's the one she'll pick.

Sophie and Hugo were keen to get in on the modelling action when they saw me photographing Rachel. This was handy because Sophie also happened to be wearing a handmade-not-yet-blogged-about outfit.

I had started this dress last year and I did blog about it too, while it was only half made. I pulled it out again just before Sydney, thinking that it probably wouldn't fit Sophie any more (given that an entire year had almost past), but that it would be good for Rachel for our Sydney trip. I chopped off the hem so it was more Rachel length and then finished sewing it.

Turns out it was too big for Rachel, so I regret chopping them hem. But it still looks good on Sophie, and she loves it. Win! The buttons on the front are blue birds and the pocket is her favourite feature. It's a little short, but that's ok.

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