Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Ahh, again a long silence in blog land. There has been a lot going on, and I've really struggled with finding the time to write. I've done a fair few things that I want to talk about, but getting them all together and on the computer - always a difficult task.

Anyway, on Monday, Rachel and I made a cake. I feel like it's a fairly similar cake to this one Sophie and I made in October last year. Not similar in looks or type, but similar in the feelings that went into it. Steve and I had been away in Sydney with the girls last week and we got back Sunday night. Monday was a reminder that work had to start again, even after a lovely little break. So we made a cake.

Rachel wanted a blue cake, and I thought the layers would be fun. It was fun. It's just a plain vanilla cake, (that sank a little because I checked it too early), but it's colourful and moist and delicious.

Cake. It makes the start of a working week just that little bit better.

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