Sunday, August 14, 2016

Garden's Growing

Everything has been growing rather well, even though we left for a week and nothing got watered in our absence. Every day the kids love looking for snow peas on the vines and promptly eating them. I think the $4.00 I spent on the pack of seeds has been totally worth it. We have eaten fresh snow peas every day for the last two weeks.

The other exciting news is that we actually dug up some sweet potatoes! I had planted a sweet potato ages ago, that had sprouted in the cupboard. Wasn't sure what would come of it, but a vine popped up. Of course, I know nothing about how to tell if anything is growing under the vine, or how to encourage it to grow under the vine, but I watered it none the less.

I was pulling up weeds last week and out came a sweet potato. I was so surprised, and a little unsure about how to tell weather they were ready or not, but I covered them up and had the kids dig them up the next day anyway. They were delighted. There were only two and Rachel was a little bummed about missing out, but she got to wash them with me, and the vine is still growing, so hopefully we will have more in the future too.


Ruth Pereira said...

Fun! You can tell potatoes and sweet potatoes are ready to harvest when the vine starts to die back or the leaves yellow. ☺

Ostinato Seaker said...

Thanks Ruth! I'll keep that in mind. :)