Monday, September 08, 2014

Birthday Shorts

Though this is a gift that will not be given for another month, I'm posting early for two reasons. 1. I think these are really groovy, and 2. I'll be busy around the time that they will be given.

I sewed these up with the Sycamore Shorts Pattern from Sew Like My Mom. This pattern was fabulous and easy to sew. The pockets on the side are super cool and I even put a tag in so it's easy to tell the front from the back.

Is that double stitching along the cuffs? I hear you asking. Yes, yes it is! I feel like these shorts are possibly the most professional sewing I've ever done. Hooray! I hope they get worn a lot.

On the super dooper plus side, I got the material when Spotlight was having a mega sale, so I got a meter of each, even though I knew I'd only use a quarter of that. So there is a stack left over for more shorts! Can you see Sophie in a pair? I know I can!

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Ruth Pereira said...

Very nice Paula! They turned out really well!