Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday 13-12-07

I had the weirdest dream last night. Actually I had two. The first one, I forgot to leave on Christmas Day to go to Bundaberg with Steve. So it was 3 in the afternoon and I was still at home lying around – having completely forgotten to go! How awful!

Anyway I woke up in the middle of apologizing and tried to find Fred to give me a hug, when I couldn’t find him! So I looked off my loft – and he was sprawled out on the floor below! Oh no – Fred had tried to suicide during the night! So I roll over thinking about my poor Fred and I end up falling back asleep and dreaming again.

This time I dream that I did get out of bed and go down to get Fred, but the moment I get off my ladder from my loft, I’m not in the apartment any more – I am at Wishart – and there are all these children running around. So I look for Fred but I can’t find him. I think one of the children has stolen him, so I start questioning them, but then their parents come!

Turns out it’s actually Christmas, and the school is putting on a nativity play. That’s when I notice all the farm animals running around (like the chickens – who I thought were pecking Fred to death at one stage, but it was just a child) and the sign that says “this area has been converted into a barn to house the animals for the nativity for tonight”.

Then, Carter and Curtis Bennet’s Mum (who has another baby with her (her other child (not Travis, the oldest, but the youngest) who’s name I don’t know)) says “come over here”. So I do – and in the alcove under the stairs (where the Sheep are being stored) she’s sitting on a bench with Carter and the Anon. Baby.

And she says “I hear you are looking for a teddy bear – the boys found him and thought he’d be safer with the sheep, because he blends in”. (which is true because Fred is white and furry). And so I look into the sheep pen and there by the rail is FRED! Hooray!

So I take Fred (who is slightly wet from being chewed on by sheep) and start to go back to my loft – and as I pass the toilets there are all these dads there arguing about things. Anyway I wash my hands and ignore them and then go to my loft – which just happens to be above the toilets.

When I get up there though, it’s no longer my loft, but a huge dorm room with all different beds and these anon people I don’t know. Seems like we are at a uni, but we also are supposed to be team building – I don’t know why. So I walk past all these people to my bed, but as I do some crazy people come in and start to be crazy.

We eventually kick them out, but they were saying stuff about me, and it turns out my room mate has been recording my conversations – when she plays it though – I’m like “oh that’s just me talking in my sleep” and then she’s like “it doesn't matter – it’s evidence!” and I say “but it doesn’t make sense – it’s sleep babble!”

But it turns out half of the dorm has been spying on me because of the crazy people who came in, but the other half of the dorm think I’m alright. ☺ *whew*. The next thing I know we are locking the doors so that the rioters outside can’t come in and get me and we are sitting down to a prayer meeting/team bonding time/figure out what to do with Paula time.

At this time, there are 2 distinct groups formed. Now I also start to recognize some of the people in the room – most of the people on my group are people I’ve met once at MYC type events and the other people all have black hair and remind me of the people you see at Harajuku, although they are led by one of the big guys from my vocal rep class.

So we are sitting down for a while talking about things, when more people come in (how they got through the barricaded doors and rioters is beyond me). One guy joins my team and says I’m an ok sort of person, and for some unknown reason I start promoting Andy to him. “He’s a great leader” I say :P then he comes in and I remember that Fred was the start of this whole dream, so I stand up to go to my bed to get Fred, and that’s when I roll over and remember that Fred is actually still suicided on the floor in our room.

So I wake up and go down and get him. He’s ok, because even though he tried to suicide – he’s a stuffed bear and he can survive falls like that. ☺

The End.

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