Friday, December 21, 2007


Well Mission Megumi for 2007 is now over and I’m back on Australian soil once again. Thank you to everyone for praying for me and supporting me for my time in Japan!

The last few weeks of my stay in Nagoya flew by, everyday packed with amazing opportunities and fun times. One morning for example, I went to uni expecting to be going through a Christianity Explained course with Ayumi and Pamela, but instead, I had the chance to share the Gospel, through a Knowing God Personally Booklet with Shizue. On top of that, Sachie, a “baby Christian” helped me and got to share her testimony with her friend! Praise God!

Our farewell party on the final Friday night had a mixed crowd arrive. People from our Churches, Gaidai, AMU and friends of friends alike all came to Nishin Church for one last time with the Australians. The Gospel was shared twice that night and surprisingly all the Australians (despite Shiho’s best efforts) held their tears, even though we knew that we might not be seeing these special people for a while. Andy was possibly the happiest person that night, because he was able to share with everyone that he had decided to come back on a STINT (Short Term International Mission Team) for a year in 2009.

Over all for the trip we had so many spiritual conversations and gospel presentations it was clear that God was blessing our work. Thank him for the amazing harvest we help to feed. Three girls prayed to receive Christ in our time there which is amazing. They are all surrounded by other Christians and people who can help them on their walk with Christ.

God is so good and has done amazing things. Thank you for your prayers again, please continue to pray for the young Christians in Japan, that they would be connected with the family of Christ and be able to grow strong in their faith.

In Christ

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