Sunday, April 29, 2018

Where Did All the April Go?

I think the same thing happened in March last year. I've all the intentions of posting, but none of the actual posting. Oh well, here's a summary.

It all starts with the Easter long weekend. Lots of birthdays, and family times. We also decided to repaint the front stairs with all the free time we had.

The girls helped Steve to clean them off and I sanded them back and painted them. We even mixed in some grit so no one will be slipping when the stairs get wet. I'm not sure why I don't have a finished photo, but they look pretty fabulous now, though we do wish we had gone a slightly darker colour to hide the dirt a bit more. The handrail still looks that terrible. We do think about replacing it, but it doesn't seem to be an easy task, so maybe later.

For my birthday, Steve surprised me with a night out to see Shrek the Musical, which was so great. And my friend made this fabulous pavlova for me too. So delicious!

In the holidays the girls wanted to do some sewing (yay!) so after presenting them with a few ideas, they chose to make these Trunk Up Elephants for their friends. They did such a good job and I was really proud of them. Both girls were very serious in their fabric choices for their friends too.

Even though I helped, the girls both traced the pattern onto the material, did the sewing (I just pushed the pedal with my foot, but they guided the material through and did the usual things they do (presser foot up and down, reversing button etc)), and then turned them inside out and stuffed them.

The stuffing was the funniest part, because they used a chopstick to get it into the trunks. The recipients of the elephants were also delighted with them, so total win.

Speaking of the girls, they have been asking to share a room since we made it back from our big holiday travels (you can read Part One and Part Two if you are keen) in January. We have been tossing the idea of bunk beds back and forth for a while, but hadn't really made a decision, still thinking they were a bit little etc. But then, we went to Ikea to get some chairs and their steel frame bunk bed was reduced to $100, which was such a great price, so we did it.

The girls have loved sharing and their bunk beds. I reorganised Sophie's room to fit all of Rachel's clothes too and decorated with some bunting. I may have come out of it all with a semi permanent sewing room too actually, because Rachel's old room is now housing my sewing cabinet and the bed (which is still set up with two mattresses on top) is a great height for a cutting table. Oh the sewing potential!

I took the girls to Bundaberg for more family time and we got to have a day at the beautiful beach at Bargara, which is my favourite place for a beach holiday. I don't know if I'm just better at going to Bundaberg, or if having a few extra days (rather than a mad dash up for a weekend) was helpful (we went up Thursday, back Sunday), but it was really a lovely little holiday for us, even though we missed Steve in Brisbane.

Sophie now has a real bike, and is so excited about riding it that she has asked every day. Now, the horizons are expanding for my little gang of children. With their wheels they can go so much further!

Steve and the girls made some lime-anade with our limes from the garden, and the girls took it to kindy to share with their classes.

I make lunches. 

It's been busy and there has been other stuff happening, but for now, that's April. Thanks for sticking around guys.

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