Tuesday, May 16, 2017


There has been a lot of undocumented sewing going on around here. Most of which I will talk about in another post. I suppose I say this to somehow justify the absence of regular posting. Meh. Anyway, today's post is about to change things by documenting some sewing that happened only yesterday! What an incredibly fast turn around from sewing to posting. In fact, even from conception to posting is only three days! Record!

And what is this sewing with the record turn around from conception to post, I hear you asking. Well!


The girls were playing/pretending to be mermaids the other day. They have a Little Mermaid book that we've read and they've seen the movie once or twice too. Ahh the movie of my childhood. So many memories. Anyway, something popped up in my pintrest feed on Sunday about sewing a mermaid tail for a doll, and after several clicks, I finally got here to where the tutorial was. Really easy and straight forward. So I saved it for another day.

On Monday, Sophie told me she was going to be Ariel and Rachel was Flounder. So I happened to mention I had found a pattern for sewing a mermaid tail for her doll if she was interested maybe we could do it together. The response was positive. (At this point, Sophie also pointed out that she too would like a mermaid tail, but I managed to convince her that was for another day.)

So Monday afternoon the material box was out. Both girls made their choices and measured their dolls. They helped with the pins and played with the scraps after cutting. I'm sure they would have helped with the sewing (as per usual), but they got distracted pretending to be mermaids again, so I just did the sewing by myself (much faster).

These were a really easy sew, used up a bit of scrap material, and they look great on the girls dolls. (If you are interested, Sophie's is here, and Rachel's is here.) It's been nice to see the dolls get another run of being played with (they had been on the shelf for a while).

Now it's Tuesday afternoon and the mermaids have been to the swimming lesson and playgroup as well as being the cuddle toy of choice for bedtime last night. And look at me blogging about them! So fast!

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