Thursday, February 02, 2017

A Plethora of Lunches

Sophie started kindy this year and in preparation for it, she got a cool new lunchbox for Christmas. Actually, all the kids did, which as been quite handy. Now I've got nice shiny lunchboxes to make cool bento in, which is pretty awesome. 

I feel there is something so nice about all the different colours and sections, that I really can't help but take a photo, so this post is a bit lunch-box photo overload, but I hope it inspires. I know I sometimes look back at the old bento I've done and get new ideas. 

Anyway, here we go! Crackers, cheese stars, cherry tomatoes, carrot and cucumber sticks, capsicum, olives, ham and a bit of dip. 

Cheese sandwiches, fruit bun, broccoli and carrots (leftover from last night's dinner), celery and cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes, ham and dip.

Raspberries, blueberries, grape tomatoes, carrot and cucumber sticks, avocado dip, ham and cheese sandwiches and orange. I used a fish cutter to press into the sandwiches, but it didn't really work. Meh.

Sophie's first day of kindy lunch! Actually, this is Rachel's, but Sophie's was pretty much identical, except apple instead of kiwi fruit. Avocado and egg sushi, fruit, grape tomatoes, flower cucumbers. Rachel had ginger too.

Mini quiches! I made a stack of these and froze them (that's why they look a little icy here) for lunches. Great in theory, but not so much in practice because the girls didn't really like them at all and it was like pulling teeth to get them eaten. Oh well. They were super healthy, grated carrots and zucchini, bacon, peas, corn and cheese. Beans and carrot sticks, apple, cheese and tomatoes, bear egg and strawberry yogurt.

Cheese, soy chips, mini quiche, grape tomatoes, cucumber sticks, dried cranberries and pepitas, and grapes. For the record, these lunches feed the girls morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, not just lunch. Sometimes (if they are feeling rather slack about eating) they also eat it for dinner, but that might be because I'm a crazy mum who doesn't want to waste perfectly good food.

Grape tomatoes (what am I going to do when they are out of season? They are a serious staple in these lunchboxes!), sultanas and pepitas, pizza scroll - made a stack and froze ahead of time (much more successful than the mini quiches), Greek youghurt, grapes and some pear and chocolate cake.

Garlic bread (leftover from bible study), apple, boring egg, honey sandwiches, peach, cherry tomatoes (from dad's garden) and grape tomatoes, cucumber sticks.

I got so excited about about making the girls lunches that occasionally I make a lunch for myself as well. Here is a photo of that! 

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