Monday, April 25, 2016

Shopping Time

Here is where I finally show you what the shop I was making actually looks like. It's been finished for a while now, a few weeks actually. But it took me forever to get it painted and then set up to take photos.

I was also dreaming that I'd be able to put some kind of awning on, but my attempts and thoughts on that haven't progressed very far at all. My Dad did offer some solutions, but it's not really coming to reality yet. Maybe in another six months or so. 

Anyway, I did end up with leftover paint from Dad, so it's a cream colour. He also had some brown, which I did the bottom of the legs with. The black chalkboard paint was the part that took the longest, and the shop was actually in full use before I even had the first coat on. Just goes to show that the kids were keen to use it right?

Sorry for the unco-ness of these pictures, the girls were champing at the bit to wipe the chalk off and dismantle all the food stuffs. Steve was a champion and took the girls to Ikea to get that cash register last week. It's really cool because it's actually a calculator, so it works and makes no annoying noises. Totally worth it. 

Even though most of these photos are inside, the shop actually lives outside now and will probably continue to do so. The tricky thing with it living outside is having to make sure the shopping things inside each night, or they will quickly get ruined. Oh well. Challenge accepted. :)

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