Thursday, April 07, 2016

Fighting Tears

So Sophie is three years old now, so we've started introducing her to Disney movies. It's a little hard, because they all have their scary moments, and some of them have some really tough things to explain (Lion King - Simba's Dad dying - perfect example). I'll want to show her those, but not just yet. Anyway, last week we bought the original 101 Dalmatians, the animated version. It's lovely.

The first time that Sophie sees a movie, you've really got to talk her through it, or her attention span ins't going to last, or she's going to miss something and give up. I don't mind because I like Disney movies too. I'm there explaining things and prompting her with questions. It's going great.

And then, I'm in tears.

That's right, even though I know the ending, there are tears streaming down my face and my voice is wobbly as I talk her through it. I know those puppies will be all right, but I'm suddenly feeling terrible emotion every time I see them, or Perdie and Pongo. Heck, just the entire movie. Tears.

Thankfully we made it through and the puppies were safe and the bad guys were dealt with. Sophie didn't even ask me what was wrong, whew, because even I don't know the answer to that one. I thought it was over and done, and I'd be perfectly normal from here on. Unfortunately not so. Last Sunday we were having a lazy afternoon and Steve suggested to Sophie that they watch a movie together. She choose 101 Dalmatians.

"This will be fine," I think. "I've seen it before and I don't have to talk her through it this time. Steve is here in case she has any questions. Nothing to worry about."

Not five minutes in, the tears had started. So I got up and did the washing up. There, tears are gone and I'm feeling much better. Sit down again and it's like a tap turns on. I look at Steve and he bursts out laughing. I almost don't blame him. It is ridiculous after all.

I couldn't sit through one more moment of this emotional roller coaster of a movie, so I went under the house and got out some wood and power tools and set my mind on something else instead.

I'm building a small shop front for the kids to play with in the yard. Entirely out of scrap wood that we already have. It's mostly done, but for one leg and a brace. I've used the power drill (so much power in that corded drill compared to the little battery operated one), the sander, the measuring tape, the saw, the saw horses, even the clamps.

So far, everything is going smoothly. I might even see if my Dad has some old paint lying around, so it doesn't end up being the same colour as the play wall and the sandpit. Just for variety, you know?

And while I did it, not one tear was shed. Whew.

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