Thursday, February 25, 2016


I have exciting news. I have ventured into the land of soft toy making. Okay, I know I've kind of been there before with the Dolls, but on the whole I stay away from soft toys. I like to make practical things that have long life and many learning outcomes. Soft toys don't always fit that criteria, I'm sad to say. But I've gone there now. Behold!

The Tiger.

For Sophie's birthday, we gave her the book "The Tiger Who Came to Tea" and took her to see the show at QPAC. She loved it. Ever since, every possible tiger related thing has been connected back to this. So, I made her a tiger.

I used the Racoon Tutorial from Ikat Bag as my base and adjusted it for a Tiger with reference to the other animals from the Menagerie Pattern. Pretty excited to finally use this pattern because even though I'm usually not a softie fan, all of these animals just look so cool.

She was pretty excited to see him. We got the fabric at Spotlight on Tuesday and I managed to sew him up Tuesday night. Since the moment she saw him Wednesday morning that Tiger has been everywhere with us.

It's been very hard to get good shots of him, because the girls just see him and want to give him cuddles. I've been pretty delighted with how the stripes lined up on the back there. I've never sewn with fuzzy animal fabric before, so maybe I should have read a tutorial, but I think I managed just fine. Now I'll have to make some soft cuddly animal friend for Rachel. Thankfully, it's a quick sew.

To prove my point about the girls just wanting to cuddle him, here is a photo of it in action.


MKT said...

Great work! Looks really good.

Grandma G said...

This is absolutely adorable! Great job, especially with the fabric stripes! 👏❤️

LiEr said...


I've written a post on my blog featuring some of the Menagerie animals my readers have made, and I've included your awesome Tiger. I love that you used fur, and I think you did really well with lining up the stripes! Not always easy to do, especially with slippery faux fur, but you did great. Thank you for the shoutout!

You can see my blog post here:

I've used a photo from your post - I hope that's okay. Let me know if not, and I'll be happy to take it down (or change anything else). Thank you!