Monday, February 15, 2016

Play Board

Over the Christmas holidays, Steve and I got a bit handy with the water play board we'd made in October last year. It's still not totally finished, but we are pretty happy with how it works right now. It's a little more permanent than the containers that were staple gunned on originally.

I'm hoping to add another pipe that runs down from the right side of the top pipe down to where Rachel is standing. The idea is that it will have small holes in it for water to trickle through to the big leaf catcher that's below, but still be able to feed balls to the pipe on the left.

Coincidently, that pipe on the left (in the middle) is actually completely level. We aren't exactly sure how it happened, but the momentum that the balls have going into it mean that they tend to roll down it just fine, so it's ok! Hooray!

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