Friday, April 25, 2008

Just thought I'd pop up some pictures from Steve's brother, John's, wedding from the weekend. :) It was a pretty stellar night. I made friends with small people!!

These guys are Imogen and Adam. Their sister, Erin, is with me above. They are Steve's cousins on his Mum's side. Due to the family controversy this was the first time they had met Steve. It was really funny because they had obviously heard about Steve from him Mommo who always calls him "Stevie". For the whole night they asked me about "Stevie". hehehe

And this is the beautiful bride, Aroha, with my new new girlfriends :D I really wish i had a photo of me and Steve to put up, or even of me and Aroha, but sadly i don't yet. I should get them eventually though! :D

Yay for weddings that bring every one together and in which no one feels the need to have a family fude because they are just so happy for the bride and groom. :)

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