Monday, December 04, 2017

Christmas Dress

Given our travel plans for this years, I wasn't planning on making the girls anything Christmas related at all. I told Sophie this, and she was totally fine with it. Until I also told her that we were going to a few Christmas parties in the next few weeks.

"Mum! I need a Christmas dress to wear to the Christmas parties!"

So, I obliged. I managed to find a hand me down one for Rachel, this scrappy one I made last year (sorry Rachel, hand me down's again. Promise I'll make a new one next year.) Then I asked Sophie what kind of dress she wanted. I gave her two options, the A-line dress with buttons that is quick and easy (despite the buttons) and I've used before heaps, (see here, here, here and here) or the Knot Dress that I used to make the girls dresses back in April.

Sophie didn't want either of these. She asked for one like a dress she had in her cupboard, from my parents travels somewhere. It looked fairly easy, so I pulled it out, traced around the different bits and sewed it up in an hour. All right for an afternoon's work.

It's a pretty rubbish photo, but she does love it.

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