Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Kindy Dress Mark 2

Sophie's Kindy Dress has received much attention and talk from the other kindy kids and mums. Maybe there is a business opportunity here, but thankfully, Ikea don't have the fabric anymore, so I can't get too carried away.

Anyway, one of Sophie's friends from kindy is going back to Malaysia at the end of the year with her family, and when Sophie mentioned that she liked the dress, I suggested that we could sew one for her as a gift. I had enough fabric left for a dress for Rachel (for next year) and one more, so why not?

Sophie's friend came over and they had a grand old time colouring the dress in together and after they left, I sewed it up while naps happened.

It's much more coloured than Sophie's was, so we might add some more colour to Sophie's now. And Sophie's dress, after only four weeks of repetitious wear, looks a much different colour to the new one too. You can see the pattern is repeated on the girls dresses, although in different locations. Sophie's doll and pear tree are further down, while Sonia's is up near the neckline.

Sonia chose the square buttons that I put on (so hard to get through the button holes, but I guess that's not really my problem...). I had to do the button holes myself actually, which is always an ordeal.

Sophie wrote the tag/message in yellow and I traced over it in the blue. She is super excited to give this to her friend on Wednesday. They are both planning to wear them on Thursday.


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