Tuesday, September 12, 2017


I made some skirts for the girls. I got some remnant fabric at Spotlight when I was in there getting elastic. It was only $2, so I got the meter. Half for each child I figured. But Sophie is taller now, so I paired hers with some leftover purple from her Easter Dress. Then I added ribbon, just because. 

It's pretty and swishy and just a bit long, but means she'll get a lot of wear out of it right? Rachel's isn't finished yet, because the half meter wasn't long enough for her either, and I'll need to lengthen it somehow. Still working on that.

Anyway, in an endeavour to take more interesting photos of the clothes I sew, I took these the first time Sophie wore the skirt on our trip to the Workshops Rail Train Museum at Ipswich. She's wearing a new shirt too, which is good, because it almost makes up for her grubby kindy shoes.

Sophie did have a little bit of fun posing for the photos, but in the end, never really held still long enough for a superb one. Not sure how other bloggers do it, but I suspect there are bribes involved.

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