Friday, June 16, 2017

Hard to Grow

I don't think that these raspberries were particularly hard to grow. We just planted the plant and it grew. And then raspberries appeared (much to the surprise of some members of my family who shall remain unnamed, who had told me that assuredly it was too warm for raspberries to grow in Brisbane.)

It was all very exciting for everyone, especially the kids.

They were delicious. The raspberries that is, not the kids.

But what is hard about the raspberries, is that when the fruit appears, you really have to watch it carefully, because it goes ripe/over ripe very quickly. Then you have missed your chance to get some delicious raspberries at all.

Thankfully, even though this is mostly the case for our first crop of raspberries, we have still been able to reap some delicious fruit. Hooray!


Melissa Kee Tin said...

We used to have an abundance of raspberry bushes along the fence in our backyard. Then the neighbours redid part of the fence and ripped them all out (without saying anything). Leigh and his dad were quite upset.
Also, apparently wasps really like them too. Not sure how it would be in Australia, but just be careful of that.

Ostinato Seaker said...

I can imagine being upset. We are lucky to have great neighbours here. Thanks for the wasp tip, I'll keep it in mind because we have had wasp problems before.