Sunday, April 09, 2017

From Whim to Wepons

Our girls love to play with swords. They like to pretend to be heroes rescuing things from dreadful monsters. Steve loves to teach them good weapons practice and proper sword play. We have a lot of swords for a house with only daughters.

We were packing up said swords last weekend and Steve asked where they usually lived. In a box in the laundry, as it turned out, so he suggested making a weapons rack for proper sword storage. I agreed. I mean, who wouldn't take the opportunity to get out the cardboard and hot glue gun? And make storage?! It's like a dream. :D

This post has an incredibly rare action shot of me actually doing some crafting, because Steve was there to document things. The girls were in charge of important things like getting the cardboard toilet rolls out and counting them to make sure we had enough.

Anyway, we used two cardboard toilet paper rolls per sword. Cut them in half, glued them back together (to make a larger roll). Then I hot glue gunned that onto a strip of cardboard and taped it for reinforcement. Finally, we used the 3M sticky things to stick the completed weapons racks to the doors of the girls rooms, so their swords are easy to access.

Not sure where that other cutlass is gone, but Rachel Bunny also fits well in the rack. Handy.

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