Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March in Summary

As the end of March draws near, I am more and more aware that I haven't posted this month at all. What's been happening? Has nothing been going on, thus reflected in the low (or should I say, non-existent?) post count? Or is the reality far more positive; I've been doing so much that I haven't had time to post. Not just "doing so much" but rather, "living so much". So I guess it's a good thing if I haven't posted, for that second reason, that is. And in this case, I feel it is true.

March started with four wonderful days away at the coast. Our annual sojourn to the northern beaches, where we enjoyed the sand, sun and splashing in the waves. We visited the Queensland Air Museum, we read books, we played with the kids. So often I just lay and looked up at the sky and thought: "How lucky we are to be alive right now." Thank you God for this rest, and the beauty of the world you have made for us.

Not only that, but to be there with friends, who's kids get to grow up with our girls, is just priceless. We are inexplicably blessed by these guys, and the memories we make every year as our kids grow is indescribable.

Photo credit to Wade.
I've been slogging away on my through my TAFE work and I'm happy to say that the end is near! 160 pages of prac journal plus supporting documents and four hours with Corinne who is an absolute gift from God, and I'm ready to submit that bad boy. Only two supplementary workbooks to go. The goal is to get them done before my parents take off for their next trip around the world, but hopefully I'll knock them over in the holidays. The end is near, I tell you, the end is near!

We have just come back from our church camp. For those playing along at home, we have officially changed churches and now attend St Lucia Bible Church. I was actually moved to tears at the camp to see the people from three different congregations (morning, afternoon and evening) mixing together and, more than that, to see people from all generations having a great time. From old to young. Even now I'm feeling a tightness in my throat as I remember it. This is what God's kingdom is supposed to look like, and I just had a glimpse of it.

Our garden is growing growing growing! Mostly it's pumpkins, but everything else has made it past the obscene heat wave that was January and February and is now thriving as the weather cools off. Herbs, limes, lemons, raspberries, blueberries, mandarins, pumpkins, it's all go! I can't believe this, but we actually have more than one type of pumpkin growing (thanks to the compost), and have pumpkins for the first time! We have had pumpkin vines before but no fruit. Steve is already dreading the amount of pumpkin-flavoured meals that await the not too distant future, but I'm excited.

And we grew it ourselves. That's the best part.

It's not all good news in the garden. I know it sounds like it's all roses, but there are casualties too. Some things have died for no real reason, mostly just plants that don't have any food value, so it's not so heart breaking. The worst is the capsicum plants. After the Great October Garden Makeover of 2016, only one of the two transplanted capsicums survived. The one that has made it, looked like it was going great guns, nice green leaves, new shoots, growing strongly. It even put out loads of little flowers and buds, so many that I even took to plucking some off so the poor plant didn't over do itself.

Alas, though it grew at least ten or twelve capsicums, all of them have rotted on the tree. Not because I didn't pick them in time, but for some other unknown reason. Honestly, I haven't investigated it, so hopefully it's curable. Otherwise I'll just have to start again.

I've been doing other, rather unproductive, things in March too. Like watching Taiwanese dramas. This is not something I would recommend to anyone. Such a waste of time. After the last one, where I watched 40 episodes in 6 days (I was skipping parts, just so you know, and also doing things while I watched (washing up etc), so it's not all bad, just mostly bad) I was glad of the break. I think maybe I'm too task oriented to be trusted with any kind of long term TV series investment.

I've taken the kids to Lone Pine, Rocks Riverside Park, GOMA, the Science Centre (to see the turtles hatch!), the State Library. We have played with cardboard boxes, play dough, coloured in, made pizza's, cooked endless things in the sandpit and kitchen outside. Hugo loves to be a monster and chase the girls around. Sophie loves kindy, and has made a number of friends, including a little girl called Sophia Grace. Their friend Hadley, refers to them as "the Sophs".

I make lunches. Lunches with sushi, sandwiches, cheese, veggies and fruit. Lunches that get eaten and sometimes don't. That's ok, because you can't win them all.

People ask me all time, if I've cut my hair. No. It's just long enough to be annoying now, so I have to put it up. I'm seriously perplexed as to how people look at my hair that has been braided, and think that it's been cut. Maybe it's because they don't have curly hair.... Who knows. On a completely unrelated note, I've seen Beauty and the Beast twice already, and have plans for a third time (contrary to Steve's beliefs, there were lots of people that wanted to go with me). I think it's fabulous.

Now, the holidays draw closer, as does my birthday, and I look to April with excitement. Easter is nearly here! So March, with this one post, thank you. You have been wonderful, and I enjoyed living through you.

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