Thursday, November 03, 2016


Recognise those bricks now? They have a new life, as lions that guard the girls' rooms. And also stop the doors from slamming closed with the wind. 

I realise you can't really see it now, but they have tails as well as faces. I was thinking about embroidering on some legs on the front, to make it look like they were sitting a bit more, but then couldn't be bothered. I used really small bricks and the faces were really big, so there isn't much room for it anyway.

I have to work hard at getting the girls to leave them at their doors, rather than playing with them, but thankfully the heaviness of the bricks helps to deter them. I hand sewed everything, used scrap material (the spots match the curtains in Rachel's room (see here), and the red is leftover denim from this dress that Sophie wears), and leftover quilting batting to pad out the bricks.

I think the bricks like their new life.

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