Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Things that Grow

It's the middle of winter here, but things are still thriving in the garden. I've got to work at watering them a little bit more regularly because it's been dry (and we don't really notice, because it's not hot). The weather has been so great though, even though it's the middle of winter, the temperature in the sun outside is still shorts and t-shirt weather! Got to love that, although last week had a 28 degree day that had me actually put the sprinkler on for the kids. Crazy!

Anyway, here are some pictures of what is growing at the moment. For the first time ever I planted snow peas. I had this great idea of using the swing set at the trellis for them to grow on, and it's kind of working. Steve said it makes mowing the lawn hard (and it does make the whipper snipping hard), but I think it's worth it.

The ones that are doing the best though are these in the yellow box, because they get full sun all day, while the others are in the shade for part of it. The basil is going nuts there too, and the capsicum plants have been putting out flowers again. All very exciting stuff!

These ones in this green pot I didn't transplant so well and thought they wouldn't make it, but they've made a comeback, so who knows. The girls like to look at the little curly tendrils as they cling onto things. I'm glad I planted the snow peas everywhere (seriously, there are some on each side of our garden!) because the ones near the chickens in the back corner have been eaten by something. The same something that I suspect is eating the sweet potato leaves (green jumpy things that Rachel likes to catch). I don't think that particular bunch will make it, but the others really make up for it.

Can't believe I didn't take photos of it, but our mandarin tree is also full of ripe fruit. It is just the bees knees to pick off a mandarin and share it with the kids for afternoon tea - straight from the tree!

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