Friday, May 20, 2016

Running Out of Time

I don't even know where May has gone, but it's nearly over. Reality hits me every time. The to do list is still long, and even if I had a day to finish it all, there'd still be stuff to do the next day. I often wonder who wins. More often than not, I feel like everyone loses.

I mean, if I did take a day to do the "things-that-must-be-done" on the to do list, sure, that'd be great, but I'd be missing out on time with Steve and the girls. So then, I've got to do it in the evenings right? Only then, I'm missing out on Paula and Steve time. Maybe I can do it during the day? But then I must be neglecting the kids in some way shape or form. Sigh.

And the first thing to go when my life gets busy and crowded is my time with God.

See what I mean about everyone losing?

Not sure there is a point to this, and I certainly don't have an answer, but it's out there now. Life is busy and I don't have the answers.

What I do have though, is pictures of fun lunches. Made these for the girls morning tea at playgroup on Tuesday.

Yum right?

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