Monday, January 21, 2008

So Fiona and I are driving home today from seeing 27 Dresses together and she says to me: "You know Paula, if I thought you could be a professional singer, I would have told you."

So I respond; "Oh yes?"

And she say: "Yeah, if you had it, I would have encouraged you, but you know, you just aren't cut out for that. You don't have it, you know...."

Thanks Fiona.

And I come home and mum asks when the choir that I have to be in for my Music Curriculum subject is this semester and I say: "In a classroom at uni, just like it was last year when I was in this choir."

Mum says; "You didn't tell us you were in a choir last year."

And I say: "Yes I did. I came home and told you I was in a choir the first week, and then three weeks later I came home and told you I had the solo for a song in the choir. Then I told you that the performance was on a Monday night at 7:30, and no one came."

"You didn't tell us you had a solo," says mum.


I just don't have it, you know...

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XwipeoutX said...

Gosh, a wealth of encouragement right there.

I knew you was in a choir. I can't remember my reason for not coming...but there was a reason of some sort, wasn't there? Sad that I couldn't make it.

I didn't know you were in a choir this year though - when is it?

I think you're a wonderful singer =D